So, what does non-partisan even mean?

Nonpartisan DOES NOT equate to centrism – common misconception! Nonpartisan means there is no bias or affiliation towards any political party or group – Middle Grounds does not fall anywhere on the spectrum. Instead, we eliminate the idea of a spectrum completely by creating grounds for open communication and discussion for people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

What Are Our Goals?


To advance discussion and provide education on American political systems and perspectives, as well as issues of concern on both the national and global level, in a minimally biased manner to the UVA community


To promote political participation and activism fashioned to suit the values and ideologies of each individual member


To promote respectful communication and cooperation between individuals and organizations with opposing ideologies, and to find common ground between those with differing perspectives


To seek ideological unification through communication, understanding, collaboration, and action of similarly minded individuals that wish to dismantle the dominance of the two-party system.

In other words, to create a more inclusive political climate here at UVA, and provide political communication skills students can carry with them for a lifetime.