Echo Chamber? We Hardly Know Her!

In the current world of social media, identity politics, and two party polarization, it is undeniable that the political climate has become increasingly strained over time. Parents misconstrue facebook meme for fact, students harbor misinformation through biased Instagram infographics, and many others get roped into groupthink that can be used as a shield against engaging with other perspectives. Middle Grounds wants to combat this, starting right here on Grounds.

Middle Grounds is a non-partisan, politically inclusive space for individuals of all affiliations – the only requirement is that you value the power of civil conversation for the sake of progress, and are willing to work across the aisle to achieve common goals. We believe this to be necessary for fostering democracy and promoting educated constituencies, imperative in reconciling a broken social system riddled with polarizing features.

Everyone deserves to have a voice—let us help you share yours.